How did you become an artist?

At age 15 I was discovered by a friend while singing Whitney Houston's music in the classroom. At his invitation I joined a rap group from the neighborhood where I was born, on the outskirts of Sp. The following year I received an invitation from a famous Rap group, the RZO, and that's when it all started!

Who / what inspired you to become a musician?

The hymns of the church were my first contact with singing. I was happy to sing. My first inspirations were Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey because I listened to them on the radio!

Do you feel any impact of your birthplace on your music?

Certainly. I lived with a reality of violence, misery and disregard of the rulers. This gave me the basis for the protest and love speech for the next one at the beginning of my career, in which I carry until today.

How does art manifest itself in your life?

My life is surrounded by art. From poetry to music, it's a part of my everyday life.

What does creativity mean to you?

It means to invent n to reinvent itself, to live by surprising yourself and other people!

What is the power of music?

My music, I believe, serves as an empowerment and representation for many people who feel minorities within our country.

Do you think female artists are treated differently to male artists?

I think women are always treated differently in any profession. We always need more protection, to be defended, that is, we always need men on our side to be respected!

What message do you have for girls and women who are trying to find the courage to make music?

Follow your heart but have your foot on the ground. Do it for love, the rest is consequence!