How did you become an artist?

It's not so much about becoming an artist as it is about becoming yourself. We are born into the art that drives us and our inspiration daily, it is not so much a choice as it is a journey and mission we have incarnated to carry out. At least thats how it is with me and Music. I can share that along my journey this far, i have beeninspired by a great many artists and female artists in particular especially in the early days. My mother was my very first guitar teacher. She not only brought me up on incredible soulful, real music, but also taught me how toplay the 12bar blues and sing along to Janis Joplin, Judy Mowatt, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Tracy Chapman, Joan Armatrading, and the list goes on :)

Who/what inspired you to become a musician?
It was one day at home where i noticed the guitar that had been sitting in the corner of our living room most of my life. Until that day i never paid it much attention, but on that day it stood out to me like it hadn't before. I remember picking it up and asking my Mum to show me something on it, from those very first few notes, i knew that was what i was going to do with this lifetime. I quickly learned all my mum had to teach me, then moved onto her friends, and anyone i could find that could teach me and quench this new passion, thirst and love i had for everything to do with the guitar and Music.

Do you feel any impact of your birthplace on your music?
I believe that the planets are aligned a certain way at the time of each and every human birth and that, that alignment has an effect on the being coming forth unto earth. So yes, that includes the location and time of your birth, and yes i belive that has an impact or perhaps more that its sets a foundation and character as to who you are, in terms of your creative/higher self.

How does art manifest itself in your life?
Through every greeting, every exchange of words, every conversation, or every acknowledgment of another being.. Art is everywhere at all times and it manifests through our perception of reality... our shifting awareness and congnicance of Creation itself and the worlds around us.

What does creativity mean to you?
Creativity means pure connection to source. for me. We are multi-dimensional beings who are powerful beyond our current overstanding. Being creative is one of the most potent connections we can have to other worlds and mindstates including our own higher selves. Its a form of being truly Free.

What is the power of music?
The power of Music is so vast and omnipotent that we are still learning the extent of it's infinite, immeasurable and power-full ability to Heal, Lead, Share, Unify, Teach, Empower and simply Lift the Vibration of a person, place or gathering to a state of Full Freedom. To a state of Fully open Hearts and Minds ready to receive and share energy... which music is... a frequency to shift perceptions and reality.. and most importantly, a frequency to shape and share new realities and new ways of living, loving and being, in harmony... in a state of true One Love. Unity. No ego. Just Love.

Do you think female artists are treated differently to male artists?
Yes. Remember that the current music industry paradigm is reflective of the current world paradigm in terms of the male dominance and prevelance over most industries and 'leadership', 'authoritive' and 'power-fool' positions. Women are most definately treated with inequality and disregard in many, not all, but many many cases, compared to men. However we are most definetly seeing the rize of the divine feminine energy on this planet and at these times... and as such you will see and feel more and more balance when it comes to the arts and to all aspects of life. The Women are going to be the ones to lead us out of the perpetual abuse of our planet and minds, and into new worlds of balance, nurtureing and equality. Support your sisters! always! and in All ways.

What message do you have for girls and women who are trying to find the courage to make music?

Just look inside. If Music is what you truly want to make, then it truly wants you to make it! You have to just put one step in front of the other, if you're learning an instrument, make a start, its the only way the next step on your musical journey will find it's way into your life. You must keep at it, show the youniverse a sign that you're serious about it , and it will respond with the right feelings, things, people you'll need along the way.And besides, making music is soooo fun!!! Just Do It! The world needs more Creative Connections.. collaborate and build with yourself and others... and full joy. :) #MusicTheHealer #RizeTogether #OneLove

Nattali Rize